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REVIEW: Flight

REVIEW: Flight

Trust is a funny thing. We give it to friends and acquaintances only when assured that it will be cared for. At the same time, we hand it freely to men and women every day that do everything from serving our meals to parking our cars. All of whom fall to the wayside when we consider Airline Pilots. The men and women who break the bonds of gravity with you or a loved one on a daily basis, promising a safe return to the landing destination of your choice.

This story follows one such man, but Whip Whitaker's (Denzel Washington) hands don't hold safety. They hold alcohol bottles and drugs. A very scary thought on a regular day, but a harrowing one when a malfunction sends his plane hurtling to the ground below.

Through unconventional thinking and miraculous ingenuity, Captain Whitaker lands the plane with an unbelievable mortality rate. He is given a heroes’ crown, but is afraid to take it. With his history and medical records now open to investigators. Can this on in a million man dodge danger once again?

This story is more than the trailer and the commercial. It is not about an event or an act, but a man. A man with choices and roads to choose from. Washington works to bring you to both sides of the Capt. Whitaker coin. And while you watch, you can't help but wonder how the coin will land. More importantly, will either of the choices make you happy? I walked away thinking. If you did as well, I look forward to your thoughts.

Grade: B

Rating: R

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